Sam Singh Presents an Educational Talk at Beckenham

On Thursday 8th of February, Sam Singh presented to a group of Beckenham-based NHS GPs during a lunchtime event to discuss various foot and ankle problems, such as bunions, anterior ankle impingement, ankle injections, ankle instability and sprains, plantar fasciitis and heel pain.

The educational event was a great success – many of the GPs felt more confident diagnosing and recommending various treatments that are available through London Bridge Orthopaedics and other healthcare providers.

This is just one of many planned events for GPs and physiotherapists.

On March 21st, Mr Khai Lam will be presenting a live surgery at the Boardroom at St Olaf House at London Bridge Hospital. He will be discussing issues of when he would operate and when physios should think about referring.  He will then carry-out a minimally invasive anterior lumbar disc replacement procedure / or fusion, using computer-assisted navigation system – recorded live from the theatre. There will also be a briefing by a London Bridge Hospital physiotherapist on pain management, post-surgery, rehabilitation, the set protocols that are in place and the dos and don’ts.  The session will conclude with a talk by Mr Lam on spinal navigation.

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