Mr Martin Klinke and Mr Joydeep Sinha Presented to Physiotherapists of Capital Physio

The foot & ankle surgeon Martin Klinke gave a joint presentation with the shoulder surgeon Joydeep Sinha at London Bridge Orthopaedics’ headquarters at the Shard to a group of physiotherapists from Capital Physio – one of the larger Physios in central London.  

Mr Klinke gave a brief 20-minute overview about, amongst other things: forefoot pain such as Morton Neuroma and diabetic foot ulcers. He gave examples of ideal footwear for patients who suffer from these types of pain and how to release a tight calf.  Conservative treatment of Hallux Rigidus was also highlighted along with operative treatment of Hallux Rigidus. 

Mr Sinha followed this with an overview of the management of shoulder disorders such as adhesive capsulitis. Winter injuries of the shoulder were also discussed along with severe injuries caused by other types of injuries. 

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