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Mr Simon Owen-Johnstone

Mr Simon Owen-Johnstone

Consultant Upper Limb Surgeon

This year Simon celebrated fifteen years at London Bridge Hospital. He’s been in full-time private practice since 2011, having previously been Clinical Director of Orthopaedics at Barts, and part of the trauma team at The Royal London, where London’s HEMS helicopter is based.

Simon deals with problems affecting shoulders, elbows and hands. He has strong links with London’s physiotherapy and Sports Medicine community, knowing that a team approach usually works best. Non-operative treatment is crucial to recovery from upper limb problems, even if an operation is sometimes needed along the way. Keyhole surgery is great, but conventional techniques still have their place. His plastic surgical fellowship helps make tidy scars.

Simon sees patients at The Shard and is the West End at OneWelbeck every week too. You’ll often find hospital staff and GPs coming to see him, amongst film and TV personalities. Clinics are professional but relaxed, with long appointments so there is always time to get to the bottom of the problem.

He can help with most problems from collarbones downwards. At the shoulder: fractures, dislocations, rotator cuff tendon tears, bursitis, ‘impingement’ (this is actually vanishingly rare!), gym pains, pec tears, frozen shoulder and calcifying tendonitis.  At the elbow: biceps ruptures, tennis elbow, stiffness, instability, olecranon bursitis. In the hand: trapped nerves (carpal tunnel), ganglions and other lumps, Dupuytrens contracture, arthritis, trigger fingers, typing pains. Don’t forget that arm pain can also be caused by problems higher up, so he sometimes starts investigations with a neck scan.

Further information on Mr Simon Owen-Johnstone can be found on their website.

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