Specialist Consultants

We are all specialist consultants who work, or have worked at NHS London teaching hospitals, and we are used to treating the most complex and unusual cases within our own fields. We provide the highest quality of surgical and non-surgical care to adult patients with the whole spectrum of orthopaedic complaints, including acute injuries such as broken bones and torn ligaments, more severe injuries which require complex reconstruction, and long term conditions such as arthritis and nerve compression. We also treat patients with sports injuries, from the occasional enthusiast to the elite athlete.

Consultants who care

We are a group of established consultants who care about our patients. We show that we care by:

  • Involving patients in decisions regarding their treatment
  • Providing individualised care based on our patients' specific symptoms and requirements
  • Engaging in multidisciplinary teamwork to ensure that our patients' non-surgical care is optimized
  • Using surgery only when required and appropriate, and after a thorough discussion of potential risks and benefits
  • Maintaining and advancing our own surgical skills and techniques through ongoing professional development

Visiting Us

London Bridge Orthopaedics is conveniently located in the Shard by London Bridge Station. The entrance is at ground level past the Shangri-La Hotel.

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Fees and charges

Consultants at London Bridge Orthopaedics provide service for patients with our without a private medical insurance cover.

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LBO News

Hospital launches new robotic procedure for the treatment many spinal conditions, led by a world leading expert

London Bridge Hospital announced that it will be the first Hospital in the UK to offer revolutionary spinal surgery.

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Mr Lam attending this year’s SOLAS meeting in Cairo

Mr Khai Lam will be attending this year’s Society of Lateral Access Surgery (SOLAS) in Cairo at the annual meeting of the Egyptian Spine Association.

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