Clinical Governance

London Bridge Orthopaedics priority is to ensure that all patients are cared for in a way that is safe, effective, efficient and fair and that we provide high quality clinical services that meet our patients needs. We are committed to the highest standards and are supported by a comprehensive quality assurance programme. The professional standards maintained within the organisation are monitored through rigorous annual external audit.

London Bridge Hospital is regulated and inspected by the Healthcare Commission (HCC) and accredited by CHKS. CHKS is a quality management process enabling healthcare organisations to examine themselves critically against a nationally recognised framework of organisational standards.

Clinical governance has been described as the framework in which excellent clinical care will flourish and we are continuing to embed and strengthen our integrated governance (which includes both clinical and non clinical risk management) processes and systems across all areas of the hospital.

Clinical Governance is comprised of seven elements known as ‘pillars’:

  • Educating and Training;
  • Clinical Audit;
  • Clinical Effectiveness;
  • Patient and Public Involvement;
  • Risk Management;
  • Staffing and Staff Management;
  • Use of Information.