Orthopaedic Spinal Surgeon, Mr Khai Lam, delivers a presentation at the Egyptian Spinal Society in Luxor, Egypt

The orthopaedic spinal surgeon, Mr Khai Lam, along with a colleague, Mr Panos Liantis, was invited to speak at the inaugural combined meeting between the Society of Lateral Access Surgery (SOLAS) and ESA (Egyptian Spine Association) held in Luxor, Egypt from 7-9 November 2018.

As regional chairman of SOLAS EMEA (Europe Middle East and Africa), Mr Lam organised a morning session discussing the role of minimal invasive lateral access surgery (LLIF or XLIF) used to treat a range of degenerative conditions as well as degenerative scoliosis. Other topics covered were anatomy, neuro-monitoring, indirect decompression using cages, complications and clinical outcomes.

The meeting was a great success and Mr Lam aims to repeat a similar session in Cairo next year in November 2019.