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Packing for a Hospital Stay: 11 Things You Should Bring

Packing for a Hospital Stay: 11 Things You Should Bring

At London Bridge Orthopaedics, many of our procedures can be done in our day surgery, meaning you can be treated and released within the same day. But for some of our treatments, primarily those that require surgery, you may require staying and recovering in our hospital.

We aim to make your hospital stay as pleasant as possible during your treatment. But coming prepared to the hospital will relieve a lot of stress and ensure that your recovery is as satisfying as possible. So here’s our recommendations for items you may wish to have when packing for a hospital stay.



We will provide you with toiletries you require but having your own set will help you settle into your room.

Pen and Paper

It’s always good to bring a notepad and a pen in case you think of any questions you have for our staff.

Small Amount of Money

Bring some money in case you want something from our shop or a vending machine.


List of Dietary Requirements

We provide a range of delicious meals for your hospital stay. But if you have any allergies or cultural dietary requirements, it is best to have a list ready so we can give it to our chefs.

List of Medication You Are Taking

While your doctor will ask you if you are taking medication, it is good to have a list at hand in case we need to refer to it. If possible, try bringing in the packaging so we know what dosage you are taking.

Bring any other documentation that you may need, such as insurance information, X-rays or MRIs.

Keeping in Touch

Your Mobile Phone

Bring your mobile phone so that your friends and family can keep in touch with you prior and post treatment. It will also be good if your phone is a smartphone as this can help alleviate any boredom you may experience when recovering. Don’t forget to bring your charger too.


Comfortable Clothing

While we provide hospital gowns for our patients, many feel comfortable being in their own clothes when you are in recovery. Most patients bring a pair of pyjamas, socks, loose underwear and slippers for their hospital stay. However, ensure that clothing is loose as tight/uncomfortable clothing may exasperate any pain caused by surgery.

Home Comforts

Having an operation/treatment may be daunting so bring something that reminds you of home, such as a framed picture of loved ones or your favourite treat that will help you relax.


Earphones & iPod/MP3 Player

Bring earphones so that you can listen to your music on your phone, iPod or MP3 player.


Recovering in a hospital is a great time to catch up on those books that you have been meaning to read. However, don’t worry about other reading materials, such as newspapers, as we will provide this for you.


If you have a laptop or tablet to take advantage of our free Wif-Fi. You can watch Netflix as you chill in our hospital. However, it is always best to stick to old favourites as you may be more reactive to emotions than usual.

You can also keep in touch with family members, friends and work colleagues by using Facebook chat or Skype.

What Not to Bring

  • Large amounts of money
  • Valuable items, such as jewellery, watches, credit cards etc.

Note: we do not allow the use of electronic cigarettes within the hospital due to fire risk. There have been reports of fires caused by these devices being charged.

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