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The Benefits of Walking

The Benefits of Walking

Winter is starting to depart now and the buds of spring flowers are starting to blossom. Here at London Bridge Orthopaedics, we know this is the perfect time to dust off those walking shoes and take in the sights while walking around London. If you’ve never considered spending the spring months indulging in a bit of walking, then lets look at the benefits of taking it up.


Walking has been underrated for such a long time with benefits plentiful. As a low impact sport, it is great for people with injuries who need to stay mobile. Walking helps to strengthen the heart and reduce the risk of some diseases, as it is a great cardio workout – meaning you will also lose weight if you’re sticking to a healthy diet too. It is suggested that an adult should undertake 150 of minutes of exercise a week, which could be broken down to just half an hour of walking 5 days a week – easy enough to fit into a lunch hour. In addition to this, you can average 75 calories burned for just half an hour walking at a slow pace, which is good news for anyone trying to burn off any excess winter weight. While out and about, you are boosting your intake of vitamin D which can affect your immune system and bone health; in the darker months this intake is reduced so making yourself get out and walk will help your body.

Walking is a form of exercise, that is also well known to boost mood. Walking will enhance your wellbeing and can have a positive affect on people suffering from ailments such as mild to moderate depression. In fact, if you suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD), then this can really help. So many benefits from something that you can easily do everyday.

How to start

If you want to start walking but not sure how, here are a few handy tips:

  • Make it habit. On your commute, change the journey to incorporate an extra 15 min walk either side of the day
  • Take a stroll during your lunch hour
  • Ensure your footwear is comfortable
  • Stand up straight and try not to slouch so the body is engaging core muscles while out and about
  • Make a journey plan

London has so many beautiful natural parks and sights, walking around could never be boring. From our base at The Shard we can take in London Bridge and the views down the Thames, walk past Southwark Cathedral observing the beautiful architecture or even wander through Borough Market. Other parts of London have areas like Hyde Park, St James Park and even Buckingham Palace so wherever you are you are sure to find a journey to enjoy.

For more information or advice on how to start or if you are worried about an injury before you begin walking, visit or call us at London Bridge Orthopaedics on 020 7692 0675 and we’ll be happy to help!

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