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Working from home makes it easier to recover from Surgery

Working from home makes it easier to recover from Surgery

As a specialist Foot and Ankle Surgeon I have over the years had a chance to treat many patients. The majority of patients I see are treated without surgery. For some conditions, Surgery is needed to give patients the functional outcome they desire.

You would think that the hardest recovery goal is to return to sports. In reality, it is often to return to work that is more challenging.

I always encourage early mobilisation, for example, after a bunion operation. My patients often return to work at two weeks, at which stage they are full weight-bearing in a special shoe that we supply. Though they returned to work getting back was never that easy: crowded trains, escalators, difficulty with work shoes when the foot is swollen and problems elevating the foot in the office are just some of the problems they would face.

With working from home, a lot of these issues have gone. I have seen a large number of my former patients who clearly needed surgery but kept deferring it due to concerns about returning to the office now opt to have their procedures. Patients and employers understand that working from home also means recovery from surgery in those first few weeks is made just a bit easier.

This patient has had the left foot corrected by me, working from home means they are now planning to have the right foot corrected.


Mr Sam Singh

Sam Singh is the lead Foot and Ankle Surgeon at Guys and St Thomas’. You can see his patient feedback on doctify. To schedule an appointment call Lorna on 020 7234 2167 or email.

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