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Old Age: How to Stay Active During COVID-19

Old Age: How to Stay Active During COVID-19

Age is just a number, so people say. We find this to be true – age certainly is attributed to many medical conditions but there are ways for you to stay ahead of the curve. Staying active is vital to preserving both mental and physical health as we age and is especially important for its longevity and if you want to live independently.

However, when the outdoors can pose risk during COVID-19, you may need to plan your activities. So, if you are entering your golden years and experiencing lockdown, here’s how you can stay active and live better.

Being Outdoors

Going outdoors may or may not be ideal while the lockdown is in place. Current Government advice says you can go outdoors to meet friends and exercise but everyone must be socially distant. If you’re in rural areas, this may not be a problem. Those in cities could find it more difficult. It’s best to use your judgement and perhaps plan around peak times.

Regardless, being outdoors and having space to move is great way to exercise but it’s also a great way to increase your vitamin D absorption – important to improve your bone mass and prevent osteoporosis.

Find Your Passion

If you’re not sure what your passion is, it’s never too late to explore the different sports and sport-like activities that you could participate in. While most of those who were active in their middle age were active in their old age, studies show that those who chose to be active in their old age continued to be so – mostly because they enjoyed being active.

There are many different types of activities you can try that suit a wide variety of personalities, both inside and outside. Activities like yoga or even cycling are extremely popular. However, other activities such as gardening, fishing or simply taking a long walk will certainly count towards increasing your activity and even boost your mood!

Preventing Pain

The idea of exercise or vigorous activity is put off by the prospect of enduring pain, especially after surgeries such as hip and knee replacements. However, unless instructed by your doctor, staying active after the surgery is the best way to maintaining your health.

Your doctor may prescribe painkillers after an operation as this should help increase mobility.

Do you have a question about mobility and staying active in your later years? Contact London Bridge Orthopaedics today.

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